From Rags to Riches

Descent Into Madness

~A dark dark and stormy night heralds the beginning of an epic?

Accosted on all sides by feral wolves the group is forced to band together and enter the forest tower of Lady Treona, a mage of some skill and her lifelong friend Kiris Alkirk.

The party ill at ease with each other and Treona herself, reveal next to nothing and speak not at all. It is a tense atmosphere only managed by Treona’s grace as a hostess.

As the morning dawns, Treona, slowly running out of options an desperate, pleads a favor of the group. The town of Kiris Dahn long since crumbled has been overrun by orcs, kobolds and other beings. However deep within Kiris Dahn there may be a forgotten artifact, one which Treona would have destroyed for the sake of creatures everywhere.

The party naturally distrustful of anyone contemplates the offer warily…



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